Rani to marry in November?

The wedding bells of this bollywood actress Rani Mukerji are ringing once more. Well, but she is not amused at all. You want to know why, just take a peek down….


Rani Mukerji’s marriage is supposedly planned around November this year while festivities will begin from the traditional Durga Puja of the Mukerji family in October itself. But, Rani is not taking things into her stride anymore. She is really annoyed at these suppositions of her marriage.


And she is also intensely irritated by the ‘wedding date of Rani Mukerji’ that is flashed across all news channels as some sensational piece of breaking news after every couple of months. She wants these gossip mongers to take a break now otherwise even the news of her real wedding will be blown in a whiff as news of malicious gossip and she may have no one to share her happiness when the auspicious time will come in the future!

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