Rangula Ratnam 2018 Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Movie Name Rangula Ratnam
Movie Rating 2.5/5
Movie Cast Raj Tarun, Chitra Shukla, Sithara, Priyadarshi
Director Sree Ranjani
Music Director Sricharan Pakala
Production Company Nagarjuna Akkineni
Release Date January 14, 2017

There are many people in industry who became actors by luck or unexpectedly. They come to work as assistant directors, writers and in other technical departments but they get to act in the films and become lead actors. To name a few, we have Siddharth who previously assisted Maniratnam, Nani, who assisted Bapu garu and many more. Raj Tarun is also one such actor who became an actor with unexpected decision of the makers of Uyyala Jampala. He was co-writer of Uyyala Jampala and that made him an actor. He scored some hits in the beginning of his career and he is now giving disappointing films with his choice of routine subjects. He is coming with “Rangula Raatnam” under the direction of Sree Ranjani which is produced by Annapurna Studios which co-stars Chitra Shukla to encash the Sankranthi festive season. Lets see how it works.


Rangula Ratnam New Movie Review
Rangula Ratnam New Movie Review

Vishnu (Raj Tarun) is owner of a greeting card company named “Emotions”. He is well raised by his mother (Sithara) who gives him as much as freedom he want and who loves him so much. He comes across a girl named Keerthi (Chitra Shukla), who works for an event management company and falls for her. She is overprotective and over caring by nature and they both fall in love with each other. As days pass by Vishnu gets irritated by the overprotective and over caring nature of Keerthi and conflicts start between them and they part their ways. As they part, they are disturbed by the memories of each other. Rest of the story is about how they get united.

Cast and performance

Raj Tarun who debuted with Uyyala Jampala has given some nice performances in his earlier movies. His heart is not in right place in this movie and he performed his role as Vishnu well but it is not such a noteworthy one. Chitra Shukla performed well in her role as Keerthi. Sitara as mother of Raj Tarun aka Vishnu is nice. Priyadarshi Pulikonda is fantastic with his comedy timing and he saved the movie from becoming utter disappointment.

Writing Department

Rangula Ratnam 2018 Film
Rangula Ratnam 2018 Film

Story of Rangula Raatnam is simple. Writing team could have taken better care in writing screenplay and dialogues are good.

Technical Departments

Sri Charan Pakala who debuted with Kshanam into music direction has composed some fun tracks for this movie but they don’t work well with the audience as expected. He did a fine work in composing background score. Cinematography by LK Vijay is fine. Some visuals are good to eyes. Editing by Sreekar Prasad is okay. Production values of Annapurna Studios is just okay.


Priyadarshi’s comedy sequences
Last 30 minutes of the movie


Over dose of sentiment


Rangula Raatnam is a tale of love between Vishnu and Keerthi. The movie showcased their reactions to different emotional phases in a certain period of time. No guy or girl in this generation likes to be ordered or controlled by anyone even lover or wife or parents. This film revolves mostly around it. There is something missing to make it a good movie. The feel that required is not generated with the mediocre writing. The mother and son track in first half seemed unimportant to the story and which resulted in slow pace of first half. The comedy scenes featuring Priyadarshi are superb and they give some nice humorous moments for the audience and make them feel relaxed form the sentimental overdose. Director Sree Ranjani has done an okay job in terms of directing this movie. She could have come up with a better screenplay. Songs are another disappointment in the movie. Few scenes between lead pair, comedy scenes of Priyadarshi and last thirty minutes of the movie is saving grace. If not for them, Rangula Raatnam could turn out as another disappointment in this festive season.

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