Rangam Sequel is Getting Ready

Jiva-K.V. Anand’s super hit film “Rangam,” was made four years. This film was a massive hit. In this film, the story revolves around how a media personality took up the responsibility of changing the society and what did he do to succeed.

Ko 2
Ko 2

This film is originally made in Tamil as “Ko,” and was dubbed in Telugu as “Rangam.”
Now, this film is getting a sequel with a titled called “Ko 2.” Though the director or any other actor worked for the first part will be seen in the second part, it’s only the title that remains same.
Kollywood director Sharath will be directing this sequel while Bobby Simha will play the role of protagonist. This film revolves around a media personality and his intentions to bring a change in the society. In the process, he kidnaps the Chief Minister of the state and by so makes him understand what being in power can do a lot to common citizens.
This story has the very of Nara Rohit’s “Pratinidhi.” In too hero kidnaps the Chief Minister and solves crucial problems by explaining them to the CM. The only difference between these two films is that hero a media person in Tamil, whereas he isn’t in “Pratinidi.”
Prakash Raj is the Chief Minister in this political thriller.
Watch Ko 2 motion poster here:

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