Ranga the Donga movie review

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

It is…

The kind of film that makes you want to quit watching films, at least for a brief period.


The screenplay’s the baap of all masala clichés. A son being born under violent circumstances and the mother asking the house’s caretaker to keep the kid away from the violence their family’s associated with. The son grows up to be a crude, street smart leader of his local clan and the film takes you through every possible input of this kind of film to arrive at the mighty climax wherein the son who grew up as an orphan avenges his father’s death.What the writers of this film consider to be their unique stroke is Ranga’s (Srikanth) fascination with the faction ambience even before he knows who he really is.

Why is it near impossible to sit through this film?

Not having any original content should hardly be one’s reason to walk out of a Telugu film. What makes you walk out is the quality of this routine content.The excessive and offensive voluptuous appeal of the film would be one of the major reasons which contributes to the ‘near impossible’ mark.

The songs are near low budgeted crude pornos. An easier way to tell you what you can expect is a mix of Amma Rajasekhar and Meher Ramesh with very little money to spend which takes it further away from the basic human sensibilities because you cannot afford any sensible technicians too (editors in particular).


After what’s been said above, whatever written here shouldn’t make any difference. Even otherwise the acting department had nothing to contribute positively.


You can ask back for your money in case you sit through this and only a stubborn idiot would go through that ordeal.

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