Randeep takes break from sex!

Before the release of Once Upon A Time … Randeep Hooda decided to go off liquor, non-veg food and sex and is happy living the austere life

Once upon a time, Randeep Hooda had a sex drive. Not anymore. Known for his party animal image once, Randeep decided to leave a life of pure austerity while working on his film Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai. Life’s excesses don’t agree with him anymore. Fair enough. That Randeep has quit boozing, eating non-vegetarian food, is understandable. But no sex?

Apparently, the actor has been off women for two weeks now and doesn’t seem to miss it. And no, he’s not into men either.

A source close to Randeep says, “He loves all good things in life. But he recently vowed to go off all indulgences. He has worked really hard in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai and wanted the audience to like his performance. So, he decided to go off liquor, non-veg food and sex before the release of the film. He has done something like this for the first time.”

Randeep was shocked when asked the question but confirmed, “Yes I am off all indulgences for a few weeks. There are no needs in life, only desires. I am doing very well without everything.”

All for a film? “No,” said an adamant Randeep, “I did it for my own good. It just coincided with the release of the film. And it is no one else’s business.” Not a woman’s business for sure.

When we probed further, Randeep said, “I felt that things were getting a bit much and I wanted to take a break from all the partying. I am feeling much better about myself. And I don’t know how long it’s going to continue. It might continue forever.” All you lady-fans of his, your services will henceforth not be required.

Has the change affected Randeep’s social life, “I am not going out much these days as I am focussing on my boxing training. And I’ve learnt to be social without alcohol.” That’s for the Sharaab and Kabaab. About shabaab, a now saatvik Randeep said, “It’s not impossible. There is a lot of calm in my life.” Lot of calm and no Kama.


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