Ranbir refused to work with SRK

Karan Johar was eager to cast Ranbir along with his favourite Shahrukh Khan for a film, but instead got a no for an answer. Youth Icon Ranbir Kapoor has dashed the hopes of the master of casting coups, Karan Johar. Sources claimed that Karan has three scripts in mind for Ranbir and in one of them he wanted SRK and Ranbir to share the screen space. However the idea was not well received by the latter, who thinks he is still new to the industry.

Ranbir is not in a mood to sign a two-hero project yet. In the meantime, a film with Shahrukh can wait. “His desire is that he would much rather do a project with Shah Rukh when the two of them are equals,” sources confirmed. Ranbir has some really good solo-hero projects like Imtiaz Ali’s ‘Rockstar’ and Anurag Basu’s ‘Silence’.


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