Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Saavn’ stride!

The man who knows what he does full well, Ranbir Kapoor, has diversified his talent pool and now collaborated with Digital Music Company- Saavn as Creative Collaborator. Yes! That is his designation.


There is no doubt about RK’s creative caliber; he has in terms of his movies subtly given out the message. When he went on to don the Producer’s hat, we were left amazed. If you thought that was all, Ranbir has once again took us by surprise by become Creative Collaborator at Saavn.

His job profile isn’t just about starring in commercials or being the face of it, he will also be involved in the backend creative processes and ideations too. He will also contribute in terms of marketing and business development.

Ranbir is an ardent music lover, and this opportunity came in as a chance for him at knowing the logistics of Digital Music online. One commercial has already been aired and Ranbir is looking suave in it. What more does the Chiraag of Kapoor Khaandaan has up his sleeve? We are yet to see.

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