Ranbir Kapoor wants to make a Short Film on?

The sizzling hot and uber versatile, Ranbir Kapoor has recently spotted at a Short Film Festival and there the hottie expressed a desire to make a short film. The Short film festival Shuruaat Ka Interval, saw Alia Bhatt too along with Ranbir Kapoor.


When quizzed upon which subject he would like to make a short film, Ranbir chose to reply that he would love to make a short film about his Grandfather Raj Kapoor. We all know how much Ranbir idolizes and admire his granddad, and he feels that his life was very entertaining and interesting. Hence a short film made upon Raj Kapoor would be a very good head start.

Little do people remember, but Ranbir has studied Film Making in New York and that he is adept with the technicalities and processes that circle around filmmaking. And with his own Production House, we are hoping in future Ranbir even dons the Director’s Hat.

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