Ranbir Kapoor’s surprise to female fans!

It was indeed a moment to remember for a group of Ranbir Kapoor’s female fans when they were not just invited by the star personally to his bungalow but were also allowed to watch the first trailer of his new film ‘Rock Star’ along with him.

The girls are in a swoon. And so, we might add, is Ranbir who got to watch his ‘Rock Star’ promo for the first time in the company of the aam junta.

Seeing their reaction, he now feels the excitement and the heat of the film’s release.

Says a source: "Since he was in Kolkata shooting for ‘Barfee’, Ranbir had missed the first trailer of ‘Rock Star’. On Thursday morning director Imtiaz Ali finally sent the trailer over to Ranbir’s bungalow.

"As Ranbir sat down to watch the trailer, he got to know that a bunch of girls who had been regularly standing outside Krishna Raj (Ranbir’s home) for a glimpse of the star, even when he was in Kolkata, were at the gate again… Ranbir rushed out, hugged the stunned girl fans and invited them inside to watch the ‘Rock Star’ trailer," the source said.

The girls, apparently, have sworn they won’t watch any other film before ‘Rock Star’ releases.

Interestingly, Ranbir’s young fans, mostly of the fair sex, are known to stand outside his family bungalow at any given time. If he’s home, Ranbir invites them inside. Sometimes his dad Rishi Kapoor goes out and speaks to them.

"But to invite the girl fans inside the bungalow to watch the ‘Rock Star’ trailer… that was a bit too much. Trust Ranbir to surprise even himself all the time," says the source.(IANS)

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