How did Ranbir Kapoor react to Salman’s ‘Katrina Kapoor’ statement?

salman khan teases katrina kapoor

The Bollywood Hunkie and Chirag of Kapoor Khaandaan, Ranbir Kapoor, might not have been officially invited to Salman’s sister Arpita Khan’s wedding, but when his alleged girlfriend was present at the auspicious occasion, he chose to keep close tab upon things.

We all know about the leg-pulling episode of Katrina Kaif by Salman Khan. When at the wedding, Salman called Katrina Kaif upon stage to shake a leg on her Chikni Chameli item song, he addressed her as ‘Katrina Kapoor’ and even said that he presented her with a chance to be Khan but she chose to be a Kapoor. All that was in the jesty moment and all knew Salman was pulling Kat’s leg.

When beau Ranbir Kapoor heard about the whole thing, he couldn’t help but laugh at it and took as a joke. While some expected him to get miffed about it, Ranbir took things lightly and laughed it off. The whole witticism has been grabbing some headlines since Arpita-Aayush’s marriage at Hyderabad!

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