Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif moving in together?

Well, as far as celeb couples go, no one gets the scrutiny these two lovebirds get these days! The media has always taken an interest in Ranbir and add Katrina to the mix and we have fireworks, don’t we?


The couple have been seen and photographed together many times and they might even be driving off to events as a pair, but now as they must, both the media and the people want to know – are the gorgeous stars making any real plans to move in together?

Hey, if you’ve adoring fans, then it’s their business too, for better or for worse..

There were rumours recently that the couple might have gone through a rough patch during the filming of their movie in South Africa as Katrina might have proven herself to be a little ‘clingy’.

While that’s not uncommon or nearly enough for anyone to pick up a pen to write about it, the reason it caught the public eye is because of one thing they know already – Ranbir is fiercely independent!

The young star has always chosen his own path in life – professionally and personally, and has a reputation for doing things his way.. always. Now that attitude might take a dent or two when you have a girl in your life.

In fact, the only woman that has had a say in Ranbir’s life so far is his mother! He is known to get homesick and the ever so flamboyant but straight forward momma’s boy always makes it a point to bring the girls he dates home to his parents for them to meet.


Open and honest, this policy also means he has sufficient freedom at his own home. Very mature for the Kapoors, but all put together it does not bode well for Katrina now doesn’t it?

Besides, the party hard, live hard life style that Ranbir has now would have to take a back seat if he moves in to a new place with his girlfriend. Gorgeous she might be, but never forget, boys will be boys..

Let’s wait and see.
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