Ranbir Kapoor finds time for ‘Roy’!

The Chirag of Kapoor Khandaan, is extremely busy with a very tight schedule, we all know. But when Ranbir commits, he full-well tries to live up to that. Despite an overflowing diary, Ranbir found time to start his friend’s project, ‘Roy’.


R.K has taken time off and given it to Vikram Singh, for a 20 day schedule that would be extensively shot in Malaysia. The major chunks of the film that have Ranbir in it, will be shot during that period. Also he has squeezed time between Jagga Jassos and Tamasha so that the project atleast wraps up soon.

The 20 day shoot will commence from August 21st onwards and they will try to wrap up as much as possible between the allotted dates. The film initially got delayed as film’s leading lady Jacqueline Fernandez had work commitment towards ‘Kick’ and then Ranbir got busy. But now we see the Kapoor lad digging time for his work.

RK Junior is working on various projects simultaneously. And that’s what we call professionalism. Way to go Ranbir!

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