Ranbir Kapoor Fever hits the Social Media

Ranbir Kapoor Social Media

The man who has awed all by his acting skills, Ranbir Kapoor, the trending heartthrob of the nation has debuted on the social media and sent the nation in frenzy! No kidding involved.

While the Tinsel-Towners had always kept their social presence live and running and saw it as a way to connect with their fans, Ranbir has time and again shied away from Social Networks. He was quoted on various occasions that he likes to keep his live private and wanted to keep the mystery of a star alive. Hence he kept a safe distance from all the social media apps. What made RK change his mind? We all are wondering.

From the looks of Ranbir hits A6 and how the videos are coming up using his Lenovo Phone, with various applications providing better connectivity, it looks like a part of some Marketing strategy of the brand Ranbir is the Brand Ambassador of.

His debut on Twitter and Facebook garnered thousands of followers and likes in a matter of hours. Presently, Ranbir has presence on six social media apps- Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Vine, Snapchat and Instagram. His handle on all the applications are under the username – RANBIRKA6000R!

The A6 Campaigns is proving to be a big hit and we really love the way Ranbir is marking his presence on all these apps. I really hope our Rockstar keeps the zest alive and remains actively involved after the campaign is over.
To all those who wanna follow him around, punch in RANBIRKA6000R on the social media app, you desire to follow R.K on! The hashtags is #RanbirHitsA6 and certainly Ranbir has struck six chords at the same time in the hearts of his fans. #SixTimestheFun

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