Ranbir-Deepika’s movie night

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone were open about their relationship while it lasted, and discreet after their break-up happened. Now, they’ve been seen together at a movie theatre in Mumbai watching her recently released ‘Housefull’, and we’re wondering if they might be getting back together.

It seems Ranbir and Deepika sat next to each other as they caught ‘Housefull’ at a late night show in a multiplex on the weekend, and caused quite a buzz among audiences.

Just a few days ago Deepika had said that now she’d think twice about revealing private matters in public, like she had when she was seeing Ranbir. "We were young and in love and I didn’t see anything wrong in being vocal about that. I thought being honest would work well but yes I’d think twice (about being so public) again," Deepika had said.


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