Rana wishes not to die on film sets!

Rana Daggubati

Handsome hunk, Daggubati Rana mentioned that he has a wish. He further explained that his wish is that he shouldn’t die on the film sets. Speaking about this, Rana mentioned that he got almost drowned in Goa, while shooting for a Bollywood venture.

“Dum Maro Dum” is the film which was shot in that region. It seems that Rana has to swim in a sequence. He is taking few takes for that episode and at one point of time, he told that he was not able to swim forward.

It seems that the current of the water changed and is opposite to that of Rana. He struggled hard and has almost given up his hopes on life. It seems that not even a single film crew were there in that spot to help him, as he was inside water. Finally, he got a support in the form of a rope which was tied by fishermen. With that, he survived. After this, Rana decided that he should take all sorts of precautions before working on a scene.

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