Rana gave a big clue to Prabhas fans

Rana and Prabhas Baahubali

Young and dynamic hero Prabhas is coming up with the historical backdrop venture “Bahubali”. Rana, who is acting along with Prabhas in this venture, gave a big clue to the Prabhas’ fans. He mentioned that “Bahubali” is nowhere related to Indian history.

Right from the beginning of this project, there has been a talk in the media that “Bahubali” will have a connection with Indian historical stories like Ramayana and Mahabharata. Speaking on this, Rana mentioned that there is no connection with past Indian stories.

He stated that this flick shows how kingdoms in India used to be. He stated that it is a mixture of imagination and Indian history. Only the way the kingdoms used to be and the kings used to live, was taken from Indian history and the story is stated to be completely new.

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