Ram’s Hari Katha turned as ‘Nenu Sailaja’

Hero Ram is currently busy with the shooting of his new movie Hari Katha and now it has been changed as Nenu Sailaja.

Energetic Star Ram, who is facing back to back failures with flops like ‘Masala’ and ‘Pandaga Chesko,’, had hoped a better result with his last release ‘Shivam.’ Shivam too turning a disaster thrown this hero into a bad phase of his career.

Ram next tiled as Nenu Sailaja
Ram next tiled as Nenu Sailaja

Hoping that his next venture will become a hit, he started a new film that was titled as ‘Hari Katha.’ Now the latest news is that Ram’s “Hari Katha” title has been changed to “Nenu Sailaja”. This film that has begun its shooting before the release of ‘Shivam’ is now undergoing the process of a re shoot. With the nightmare that ‘Shivam’ gave to Ram, Ram decided to retake few portions that were not as appealing that he thought.

Agreeing with him, the director and the movie team are now re-shooting the film. The film is directed by Kishore Tirumala and is produced by ‘Sravanthi’ Kishore. Kirthi Suresh is the lead heroine in this film. This film will be released on 1st of January 2016.

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