Ramoji Rao launches ETV Plus for movie lovers

Ramoji Rao ETV Plus

Ramoji Rao, the proud owner of ETV and Enadu group, is set to start another channel. ETV Plus is the new channel which will be aired soon. Recently MAA TV was sold for a hefty price of almost 2500 Crores. Bagging latest film rights turned to be the main point for MAA TV to get such a price tag in the market.

ETV was in this domain even before MAA came into picture. But, ETV was not too active in case of acquiring the satellite rights. This channel is more into reality shows and serials. To achieve the feat achieved by MAA TV, Ramoji Rao is stated to have decided to start ETV Plus.

Movies is stated to be the main theme of ETV Plus. Recently, Ramoji Rao got great attention from KCR. The Chief Minister of Telangana was impressed with the business skills of Ramoji Rao. Hence, KCR too may help Ramoji group to grow further in all the domains.

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