Ramesh Pisharody defends Gangster

Comedian and actor Ramesh Pisharody is done with his silence on the matter and stands by director Aashiq Abu on his film Gangster starring Mammootty. The movie which released on April 11 to an extremely eager audience, largely due to the movie’s unique promotional tactics and Mammootty’s star value, has been a disappointment at the box office.


Though it opened with a bang on more than 190 screens internationally, the film started getting negative comments from the fans for some of its over the top content and “ridiculous” moments.

Aashiq himself has stood firmly by his creation and even argued that the movie did make its money back via sales of rights to various entities. He even went so far as to say that he would make another movie with Mammootty soon, hoping to shut up the detractors.

Now, Ramesh Pisharody has taken up the fight too, over what he claims is a huge overreaction to a movie – good or bad. He feels the movie being made a punch line to jokes is unnecessary and unfair.

His message to the so called critics which went viral across the social media stated that “Aashiq Abu’s Gangster is a work of art not Endosulphan.”

An indignant Ramesh also reminded the fans and the public at large that these critics are the same people who made a big deal, though unintentionally, of Santhosh Pandit’s laughable attempt at film making – Krishnanum Radhayum while ignoring award winning movies like Aadaaminte Makan Abu.

Comedians are often the best observers off society’s frivolous and callous behaviour – is he right in this case? Is the bad press surrounding Gangster just a case of fans expressing their discontent to a product or is it an attention seeking populace taking something too far for spurious reasons?

You be the judge…

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