Rambha Attempts Suicide!!!

She is known as one of the most ravishing beauties of the southern circuit and there was a time when she paired up with all the top heroes of the film industry but today she seems to have become one of the most struggling actresses of the entertainment circuit.

She is none other than Rambha and now there is a strong grapevine that she has attempted suicide in Chennai two days back which failed. Sources say that it was her heartbroken affair with a Bhojpuri hero since his parents refused the marriage which led her to this extreme step.

On the other hand, there are those who say that Rambha has suffered financially with a movie ‘Three Roses’ and this is said to have put her into a great deal of depression. One hopes that this is not true and if it is then we hope that Rambha comes out of all this mess and regains her glory.

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