Ramanaidu Film School Admission open 2010

Ramanaidu Film School (RFS) was inaugurated on Oct 9, 2008 with an integrated one and half year Post-graduate Diploma course in Direction & Screenplay Writing. Subsequently, in the year 2009, a one and half year Post-graduate Diploma course on Cinematography was thrown open. With 2010, as a part of further expansion a six- month’s diploma course in Acting would be available to aspiring students.

The first batch of RFS Direction & Screenplay Writing students who enrolled in 2008 would be graduating by this September. Some of them, doing internships on feature film projects promoted by Suresh Productions, are already getting a feel of what it is to work in the industry.

RFS Cinematography students are now returning from Bombay after attending an
intensive workshop on the merits and demerits of various formats of digital filmmaking organized by Cinematographers’ Combine, Mumbai; and conducted by Michale Goi, ASC; and David Stump, ASC; both having years of working experience in Hollywood.

Unlike those film schools which neglect the know-how required for directing actors, RFS puts special emphais on this component. To facilitate this, the students of Direction & Screenplay Writing do a weekly practical exercise in acting and dramaturgy; apart from other important theoretical inputs on the same. At the same time, the curriculum focuses strongly on subjects like Screenplay Writing Basics, Screenplay Writing Advanced, Film Aesthetics, Film History, Documentary & Advertisement Filmmaking, Production Design and Production Management.

On the whole, our school lays the required emphasis on creative, technical and managerial skills in the making of a Director and a Cinematographer. Cinematography students; besides learning to work with the camera, are put through a rigorous training on film aesthetics, production design and crew management.

Collaborating with the Direction & Screenplay Writing students on their various class projects, the students gain a great degree by way of hands-on learning. In addition to such experiential inputs, the school organizes several interactive sessions for the students of both the courses with stalwarts from the film industry.

Edge: Situated at Ramanaidu Film Studios, one of the leading studios in Hyderabad, an easily accessible place like Jubilee Hills, with the state-of-art infrastructure and highly knowledgeable and experienced faculty, our courses are designed and imparted with the motto of “the best of inputs at an affordable cost.” Both our P.G. Diploma Courses in Direction & Screenplay Writing cost only 3 lakhs per student. In addition to this, RFS offers scholarship loans for two deserving applicants from each discipline.

Of course, ultimately, the proof of the pudding is in its eating. Here is what some of our best students have to say about what the school has given them:
“I quit my job as a software engineer, in Ohio to join RFS in 2009. As everyone else, I too entered the school with my preconceived ideas about cinema. In spite of having admission in two other reputed film schools, deciding on RFS, was probably a very wise move on my part. The course structure that I have here is on par with any international school. I must say these ten months at RFS has changed my entire perspective. I had assumed filmmaking is all about ‘creative instinct’. However, it is here that I have come to realise that plenty of strategic planning in involved. The faculty makes sure that even the tiniest of ideas that we come up with in the classroom, is not dismissed, but makes sure that it is for us to take it to its logical end. Being a part of RFS been the greatest of a learning experience.” (Saradha Reddy, B.Tech, NIT Warangal, M.S,University of Texas, USA; Class of 2009)

“I was a brain numbed Project Manager, in the US, trying desperately to give shape for my thirsting creativity on paper. It was on a moment’s decision that I decided to quit and join RFS, in my hometown. Of course, when I entered the course, I came assuming that a film school would involve 10% classroom learning and 90% my own hard work to make it as a director in the Telugu film industry.
But, the school and the faculty soon dispelled my equation. They made me put in 200% of learning, which I must say has pushed me both personally, & professionally and made the challenge even more exciting. I am proud to say I have not missed a single day of my time at RFS.” (Vijay Yelakanti,B.Arch, JNTU, Hyderabad, M.S, Michigan State University, Michigan, USA; Class of 2009)
“Cinema has always been my only passion, and yet had remained a forbidden
fruit, in a distant land. Familial and business commitments kept rooted me here, in Hyderabad. It was not possible to move away… And so, my passion lay latent until I heard about RFS, associated to a reputed brand name and a 9 to 6 curriculum. My chance to make a grab at my passion, and grab I did! Eight months into the course I see myself unlearning the many things I had learnt as a management student. It’s no exaggeration.

Learning here is so much more than just the craft of filmmaking: it has brought me in touch with psychology, arts & aesthetics, values & ethics, entertainment, time management, team-management, resource management, marketing, advertising, social responsibilities, and much more. Cinema is life, after all, and clearly I am going to learn more from RFS. I am excited, and wonder what the future holds for me.” (Vinaayak Kalleetla, Principal, Abhyasa International School, Hyderabad; Class of 2009)

“I am enjoying every moment of being at RFS. It is a dream come true for me! –
Something for which I have been searching for the past 10 years in Hyderabad. The best of classrooms, the best of equipment, world class library – and the most important – aren’t we lucky to have highly knowledgeable and dedicated teachers who have real life experience in filmmaking – something so rare in this field? Hyderabad has a gem to be proud of.” (Madhu Chadda, an alumnus of IIT, Kanpur & a Corporate Consultant; Class of 2008).

Refresher Courses: A one week refresher’s course in Production Management was successfully held in February 2010 for those who are already part of the Telugu Industry in order to beef up their comprehension and skills in terms of the rapid changes which are occurring in the field demanding a high degree of professionalism than what is prevalent. Our school proposes to run such refresher’s courses in Cinematography, Film Aesthetics, Production Design, Costume Design and Makeup Art during the current academic year.

Admission Processes: Application forms can be downloaded from www.ramanaidufilmschool.net for P.G. Diploma in Direction & Screenplay Writing & P.G. Diploma in Cinematography. The last date for the receipt of applications for these courses is July 15, 2010. For the Diploma Course in Acting, application forms can be downloaded at the same website from July 7, 2010.

For all further enquiries in Telugu please call 9177757577 and for all further enquiries in English call 9703684230.

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