Ramanaidu’s Congress Entry

Politics is driven by money and money makes many things as they say. Rama Naidu had planned a studio in Vizag and it has already taken shape. But as would happen with any big venture there are apparently some issues with the land acquisition for the studio. Some issues with these aspects are lying with the government.


The government is now of the congress party and they are making full use of the fact that they are in power. For regularizing the acquisitions of these lands they are asking Rama Naidu to support to the congress party.


Rama Naidu is about to contest from Bapatla as TDP representative if everything goes well. But now Congress is apparently asking him to support for them. Mr Naidu on the other hand is fighting the internal ideological war. On one side, it is a business venture and its success and on the other end an ideological commitment. No one knows what will win, but there are strong rumors that the business and its needs will win over an ideological theory in general. -(andhracafe)

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