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What happens when a Hindi film is first remade into Telugu, and then the same Telugu film is ‘refreshingly’ presented in Hindi – it’s not a catch 22 situation but an utter failing debacle to movie making standards. Director Prabhu Deva sure is a versatile actor – dancer, but one really has to wonder what has gotten into him to contemplate a Telugu remake into Hindi, trying to showcase the same story that was told ages ago with Salman Khan and Kajol as leads. Ramaiya Vastavaiya, a stirred cocktail of ‘Nuuvostaavante nenoddantaana’ (Telugu) and ‘Pyar kiya tho darna kya’ (Hindi) plummets badly in all spheres of story telling and entertainment.

Australian Born NRI Ram comes to India to attend his cousin’s wedding, in the course of which he falls in love with her bestie, Sona. Love starts to bloom fully between them when a disaster strikes predictably in the form of Sona’s brother being mercilessly insulted by Ram’s money minded mother. What follows is what Ram does to impress the angry brother of his lady love and get her hand in marriage. Heard and seen that before? Well yes, we all have.

The movie has nothing new to showcase. The film has loud, stupid and insipid humour that will not make us laugh but sigh and keep looking at exit every now and then. The whole story goes in a dragging pace, making us want to see to the end of the climax as soon as possible. The chemistry between the leading actors looks so juvenile, that you will start treasuring the performances of Salman Khan and Kajol better in the last version seen.

Girish Kumar debuts as a young romantic hero with this film. He tries hard to look the part and to have actually fallen in love. Shruti Hassan is just pretty and that looks like more of a Rockwell painting in distress, throughout. Satish Shah and Poonam Dhillon, two versatile actors are completely wasted and Sonu Sood is the only guy you will manage to bear and watch for his remarkably decent performance.

Overall, Ramaiya Vastavaiya is a predictable nightmare, unless you want to test your own levels of patience and go watch. 

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