Ramachari Review

Rating: 1.00/5

Critic Rating: (1.00/5)

The plot and its finer points

In Tihar is a terrorist who is allowed to have his meetings with one of his men where he plans to murder the newly elected Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, his man arrives and sitting in the cell or talking from within the cell these guys make loud plans to kill a CM.

The terrorist hates this new CM, they share a past when the latter was a home minister and this terrorist is being dragged away by a bunch of cops. Ever observed this, when someone is supposed to dragged away, but, needs to stay there for a while to finish his lines, so the people who are supposed to drag away whoever it is are usually acting like they are forcing him away while trying to stay put, never gets old.

So, a trio of a sharp shooter, a bomb maker and a guy who organises or something land in Hyderabad and from then on with great perseverance they try and try and try to kill the CM at many places at various times, but, Ramachari (an aspiring cop) always foils their plans, by accident mostly. Helping the trio from within the department is the new commissioner (played by Murali Sharma). 

Like most of the henchmen of our cinema none of the trio have any dialogue to utter in spite of a lot of screen time. These guys are arrested many times throughout the film, they escape too easily many times and ultimately get killed when the actual villains are angrier than usual. The commissioner gets frustrated with Rama constantly messing up the plans to assassinate the CM and in retaliation makes sure Rama doesn’t get selected to the police.

After which Rama sets up his own place as a CID (crime investigation detective) and continues the good work only to be frequently harassed by the criminal commissioner.

Also Rama has this love story with that random girl he sees on the street one day. Typically it is slo-mo, some flowers in the air etc. right. This one had flowers in the air and in her hand, she’s carrying a bouquet. She’s always delivering bouquets in the film.


The kind of film where the actors wouldn’t mind taking the extra effort to make-up faces and talk in non-contextual funny tones to keep what they believe to be a laugh riot alive. And with the humour never really working out it all proceeds to the deepest of darkness wherein life seems absurd and wasted.

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