Rama Rama Krishna Krishna movie review

What is all About?

Writer/Director Sreevas script which he claims to be in the making for the past 3 years seemed like a compilation of all the hits within this time.


Rama Krishna (Ram) is your typical heroic male of a village named Gandhi Puram in W.Godavari.This village has the terrible voice overs tell us is popular for non violence and other gandhian ideologies.

The film however starts in mumbai where the character of Ashok Deva(Played by Arjun) is established.Ashok Deva is above all else in the foolishly portrayed mumbai mafia of the film. Ashok’s two younger sister’s who live in Nasik however have no clue of what Ashok does in mumbai besides just walking around in ridiculous looking costumes.Ashok’s two younger sister’s one of whom is (Priya Anand Leader fame).

The tales of Rama Krishna and Ashok Deva come together when Ashok decides to give up his mafia life and move to gandhipuram fulfilling his murdered wife’s last wish.

What went Wrong


It is either that the film had managed to rope in one of the dumbest film crew’s ever or the director was enough of a terrible influence to bring the worst out of everyone.

The costumes were a mega disaster and characterization(of the female leads in particular) seemed like something out of a early 90’s telugu film.The girl keeps chasing the guy throughout the film for the bodily desires as the super human male keeps shooing her off(is this really what these so called commercial directors think women should be like,somebody needs to be punished for these repelling visuals).

What was Bearable

Just like most of the telugu films for the past five years,the only bearable scenes are those involving bhramanandam.

The Acting

Hardly any special performence’s.All the actors involved in the film have done their part as if it was their routine day job.Arjun is somebody to whom paying a little attention wouldn’t hurt the eyes.He managed his part without much ridicule.
Ram is one actor who needs to grow up and start thinking a bit before he does another film.

The way he carries himself is hardly any difference from his first film and as far as I can remember, his debut performance was a serious VEX.

He tried doing the West Godavari slang but failed miserably.He does one or two lines with the slang and just forgets to keep it up as the scene progresses.


Almost all the people sitting around me started talking on their cell phones and making funny conversations as the film moved on.

Nobody had any interest in what’s going up on the screen and I was not really surprised.

Donate the money your going to spend on this film to a charity and you’ll be at more peace with your self.


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