Ram Gopal Varma Wishes Happy Dussehra To All Evil People

Once again it’s Ram Gopal Varma and his illogical sense of perspective towards the life. This time, he Tweeted his mindset over the Dusshera festival and how he look towards it. According to him, Dusshera is something not only Good but also Evil.

Yes, you read it right. Ram Gopal says that Good is always good, Good always prevails over Evil, but Good also becomes evil when it’s proven as Evil. Well, this may be a little confusing to all our readers, but that‘s what is said by RGV.

According to him, some may see Evil as Evil, but some see evil as Good and Good for Evil. In support his statement, he took a logical example. America has killed Hitler, but only after Hitler killing 30 million people, so the dead people who died are good or evil? He asked.

He further clarified that Dusshera isn’t only for Good people, but also for evil people, because Good is Evil to Evil people and so good people are evil people to evil people. So Dusshera is for both Good and Evil people.

And finally RGV said that since he proved both good and evil are same there can’t be a fight which means nobody has won, and hence there can’t be a Dusshera.

Since we felt that his perspective towards life is illogical, he may also prove us wrong.

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