Ram Gopal Varma to make an Adult Film?

RGV Porn movie
Ram Gopal Varma to make a porn film

After making a lot of controversial films across all genres, Ram Gopal Varma has had many failures at the box office one after another. Even though he’s made significant movies like “Satya” or “Sarkar”, recently he’s also made movies like Raktha Charitra that not everyone would like. No matter what the audience like or dislike, RGV has never stopped making movies that was he aimed to make.

So, this time around news comes that he wants to venture into making an adult film and already has roped in an American adult film actress, Tori Black who has been featured in various magazines for her performances. This movie, reportedly, will be filmed outside of India and should be ready to start shooting in September after RGV is done with his bilingual project “Killing Veerappan”.

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Adding to this news is the fact that RGV wants to screen the film in India in smaller theatres! Good luck with the censor board, sir!

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