Ram Gopal Varma rifts between Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan

Ram Gopal Varma once again stood in the headlines by making a serious of Tweets over two Tollywood top heroes. Ram Gopal Varma in his Twitter account posted that Pawan Kalyan has very fewer followers compared to Mahesh Babu on Twitter.
He tweeted that the reason behind fewer followers for Pawan Kalyan in Twitter could be that his fans might be illiterate or technically handicapped. Pawan Kalyan has six lakh followers on Twitter, whereas Mahesh Babu has around 15 lakh followers.

He even questioned Pawan Kalyan fans that if their hero- being a huge star in Tollywood, isn’t been followed much after coming onto Twitter.

RGV compared followers of Pawan Kalyan with the followers of Samantha. He alleged that Samantha has over 10 lakh followers, but why is Pawan Kalyan still stuck at six lakh.

Ram Gopal Varma claimed that he is a fan of Pawan Kalyan and is disappointed in having fewer followers for his favourite hero than Mahesh Babu.

He even raised the issue about Pawan’s stand on Andhra Pradesh in a satirical way.

Ram Gopal shared his views by saying that he respects all Mahesh Babu fans and followers at the same time he disrespects Pawan Kalyan’s fans and followers.

He further kept tweeting about Pawan Kalyan’s fan following. He clarified that all his fans were his because of his heroism in the cinema but not for his outside world like Politics etc..

Ram Gopal Varma in the end said that Pawan Kalyan will take three more years to the reach number of followers Mahesh is currently having. And Mahesh will have 45 lakh followers after three years.

These tweets of Ram Gopal Varma is slowly disturbing and insulting the fans of Pawan Kalyan. Seem like RGV is on a mission of lighting a fight between three heroes’ fans.

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