Ram Gopal Varma Insults Rajinikanth

Well, some people just don’t mend their ways, do they?


Time and again, Director Ram Gopal Varma has put his foot in his mouth by posting controversial statements regarding celebrities.

But you just don’t get away with insulting the ‘Thalaivar’!

Ram Gopal Varma insults Rajinikanth in a tweet posted on the social networking site, Twitter.

RGV tweeted as follows, “My prob with Kochhediyan is I luv Rajinikanth’s boobs how they r n I really don’t undrstand why he wants to enhance them through 3 D animation”.

This tweet has surely not gone well and many ardent Rajni fans hit back strongly at RGV for his disgraceful comments on the social networking site.

You just don’t mess with the Thalaivar and his fans,boy!

However, Ram Gopal Varma did not stop there. He went to post a volley of tweets insulting the political party, Congress.

Seems like the director has realised that his films are anyway doing no good. Atleast his controversial tweets will keep him in the news.

But like.. Really? Does he have to stoop to such a level to stay afloat in the news?

RGV is known for his sarcasm and sadistic sense of humor and most of his tweets have caused a lot of controversies. But his latest tweet on super star Rajnikanth has surely not gone well with many fans.

Well, he has got away with his controversial tweets most of the times. Only time will tell if he manages to get away with his blunder this time around.

Grow up, RGV. This is not what the audience wants from you!

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