Ram Gopal Varma fires on Celebs for adopting Villages

Ram Gopal Varma clarifies that he is in no mood of adopting any village saying that it would be a shame to him if he adopted.

Ram Gopal Varma in his Twitter account said that “The governments in both the states and the Central Government are provocating village adoption as a mighty move. Rich and Wealthy, who are adopting villages, are treated as VIP’s and are being put in headlines. It helps the adopters earn fame as a kind hearted one from people and the government. Adopters might even cash on it and run their profession.”

RGV fires over village adoption
RGV fires over village adoption

He who didn’t agree with heroes and actors adopting a village had condemned it. He said that “People of the adopted villages will be insulted if they are adopted. People who are living in the adopted villages aren’t Orphan’s, beggars or handicapped to be adopted. Villagers shall protest against such acts as it’s the duty of the government to serve everyone. Instead, the government is pulling up few names and requesting them to adopt villages.

“Imagine how insulting we feel if a Hollywood Star wants to adopt a village in India reminding that we are underdeveloped” He stated regarding Hollywood Star Mark Ruffalo, who commented on adopting Bihar.

The comments made by RGV were a straight attack on Mahesh Babu, Manchu Vishnu and Prakash Raj, who adopted villages.

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