Ram Charan’s Peacemaking Attitude

Ram Charan and Puri Jagannadh
Ram Charan and Puri Jagannadh

Mega power star Ram Charan has so far shown the kind of maturity that no other senior or contemporary hero has shown. He is now being hailed as a peacemaker.

Recently, after Puri’s confrontation with media, where he said that Chiranjeevi should have informed him about the 150th film before exploding the secret in front of media, Ram Charan personally met the crazy director at his office on the day of his birthday. After wishing him, he explained the whole situation of 150th film and ended the issue very peacefully.

In the past, Charan has rejoined the successful writer-director combo, Kona Venkat and Srinu Vytla. He also has made peace between actor Prakash raj and director Krishna Vamsi during the making of ‘Govindhudu Andari Vadele’.

Apart from being the conqueror of box office, Charan is also the winner of hearts.

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