Ram Charan’s Humanitarian Side

Mega power star Ram Charan always stays in front seat when it comes to helping distressed mega fans and children, who were born differently abled.

ram charan
ram charan

Carrying forward the good work he generally does, Charan has reportedly funded for the treatment of two children who were born hearing impaired. He not just thanked the doctors for curing them and making them feel what hearing really is but also expressed his satisfaction over watching the two kids happy.

He took to his FB page to share, “Such a heart-warming day!! These kids were born hearing impaired, but can now hear like any one of us. Thanks to SAHI Team and DR E C Vinay Kumar. We might take it for granted but now I realize the value of being able to hear normally!”
Coming to films, Charan is currently shooting for ‘Dhruva’, which will hit screens on 2nd December.

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