Ram Charan’s full speech at Malla Reddy College-A must watch video

Mega Power Star Ram Charan, who graced the annual fest of Mallareddy College, has given an inspirational speech to the students, keeping them glued to his words. This video has gone viral on social networking sites and getting a superb response from all over. He spoke mainly about five important things in life, i.e.; family, education, career, health and love.

Ram Charan at Mallareddy College
Ram Charan at Mallareddy College

Especially, his words on love attracted the students, and they soon broke into cheering. He advised the students to fall in love and opined, it is the best thing to happen to anybody. But, he has warned them that everything in life should be in their control, and nothing should disturb their goals.

Quoting his own story as an example, Ram Charan said he knew no calculations when he married Upasana. Though Mallareddy gaaru quoted my wedding as an example, with a good intention, “I did not see her family background or status when I fell in love with Upasana. It was just unconditional love. For any relation to sustain, only love would come to your rescue during the tough times and no equations or calculations will let you stick together. ”

Apparently, his speech about love and marriage was a smooth reply to MP and Chairman of the institution, Mallareddy, who earlier commented that, Ram Charan has hit a jackpot by marrying Upasana, who co-heads Apollo group. He further advised the students to fall in love but not let it become a distraction for education and career. Ram Charan said, “Everything should be under your control. Nothing should affect your goals. Don’t forget. Do love but be in your limits”.

Well, Ram Charan’s inspiring and emotional speech is a must watch to the youngsters. Click here to watch the full video of Ram Charan’s speech..it will be published in Jagran News

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