Ram Charan’s Craze on Kajal


Mega Power Star Ram Charan has a Kajal in his home, yes before you take any guess on Kajal here is the clarification .This Kajal is none other than his horse. It seems that Kajal is with Ram Charan right from his childhood and Kajal Agarwal stated that this actor will tease her saying that his Kajal is prettier.

Recently, Kajal Agarwal came on to the small screen with “Meelo Evaru Kotiswarudu” show. During the chat, Kajal stated that she knows one more Kajal. She memorized the scenarios that happened during the time of “Magadheera”. Soon after this show, Ram Charan’s Kajal got immense craze once again among audience.

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“Who is prettier?” turned out to be the real debate point in the social networking sites. Kajal Agarwal herself agreed that the horse is too beautiful. After “Magadheera”, horse riding and its topic touched the peak again with this show.

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