Ram Charan and Srinu Vaitla waiting for Sonakshi Sinha’s nod!!

Ram Charan and Srinu Vytla

Mega Power Star Ram Charan Teja and Srinu Vaitla are now in the plans of doing a flick. Buzz raised in the media that Srinu Vaitla is now aspiring to rope Sonakshi Sinha into the Tollywood film industry with this flick.

Few sources mentioned that Srinu Vaitla has approached Sonakshi for a flick and she is yet to give a nod to this venture. In a recent interview, Sonakshi mentioned that she is set to work in Tollywood if the script comes up with good story.

Srinu Vaitla is stated to have prepared a strategic story and Ram Charan too is stated to have got impressed with the story. Now it is Sonakshi’s turn to observe her role and the strength of this story. If she gives a nod, she may get into Tollywood with this venture.

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