Ram Charan’s engagement with Upasana on tomorrow!

Mega Power star Ram Charan is getting ready for engagement with Upasana Kamineni on December 1st.The engagement ceremony will be held at Temple Tree resort near to Appa Circle in Hyderabad. Earlier both the family members were planned to organize the engagement ceremony Domakonda fort in Nizamabad but now the venue has been changed.

Actor Ram Charan’s engagement ceremony will be held on 1st December 2011 where the fans are not allowed. Only the invited guests are allowed who are supposed to be the VIPs and VVIPs only.

The invited guests are given an access card which looks like a debit card with a bar code on it. The guests are supposed to swipe the card at the main entrance to the farmhouse where the ceremony will be held and allowed inside. If the access card has the symbol access 1 on it, only person is allowed to move in.

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