Ram Charan’s attack on Dasari!

The cold war between Dasari Narayanarao and Ram Charan is still going on. The war was started when Ram Charan denied the Dasari comments on actresses are not attending the awards presenting functions. Ram Charan said that Dasari’s comments against actresses are untrue.

In a recent award function Dasari said that “Current Young heroes in Tollywood are degrading our standards. They just know the club dancing and do not know even the basics of acting. Their utterance of Telugu is utter miserable.”

Now Ram Charan has given a counter attack indirectly to Dasari again through his micro-blogging site twitter.

Ram Charan tweeted “so called grt directors 1s are confined to only speeches and lectures on stage nowadays.its sad they cant move anyting but their mouth.”

This seems to be an irreconcilable enmity between two parties (Dasari and Chiru) . Their heated arguments are finding new controversies every day in Tollywood!

We have to wait and see where the rivalry ends!!

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