Ram Charan Not Bothered by Embarrassing Comments of TDP leader??

It looks like mega powerstar Ram Charan is not a bit bothered by the embarrassing comments of TDP MP Mallareddy against him. Mallareddy has the habit of hitting headlines with his strange and sarcastic comments.

Ram Charan Mallareddy College
Ram Charan Mallareddy College

For the starters, few months ago, Mallareddy had made some sensational comments when he talked about love marriages during his speech at the annual meet of his CMR College. He had explained how Ram Charan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Sonia Gandhi trapped their respective life partners to get settled.

Mallareddy had then directly taken the name of Charan and said that he married Upasana for only money. The leaders’ comments did not go down well with Mega fans then.

However, Charan’s attendance as chief guest at the annual meet of Malla Reddy College was a big shocker to Mega fans. Many wonder why and how Charan forgot the comments made by Malla Reddy?

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