Ram Charan goes emotional?

Mega Power Star Ram Charan goes emotional, While speaking on the stage in the audio launch ceremony of Nayak.Charan was angry on media for trying to create the differences in their family.He said that media had written baseless rumors about his babayi Pawan Kalyan and his father Chiranjeevi just because Pawan Kalyan was not attended for one of my functions.

Charan also said that "Pawan may not attend my next film’s function that doesn’t mean that we have differences and our relations won’t be affected because a channel or newspaper wrote something bad.Our relationship won’t be affected by their writings. Ram charan also used the strong word by saying "I treat them (media) like a "Strand of My Hair" (Naa Ventruka Tho Samanam)

After that Pawan Kalyan didn’t talk about the rumors of the differences between their family members and not respond on Ram Charan’s comments.Pawan Kalyan wished the Nayak team all the best.

Now the latest talk in the media and industry is why Ram Charan was so emotional??

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