Rakul Preet Singh is an embarrassed tomboy

Rakul Preet Singh Embrassing Moment
Rakul Preet Singh Embrassing Moment

Childhood is when most of our cherishable times go by. But, Rakul Preet Singh has her share of embarrassing moments too!

Rakul explains, “This was when I was in my first grade. And, it was during an exam when I started to feel like going to the washroom. When I asked my teacher to let me go, she said no. I always drank a lot of water since I was a kid. When I again asked my teacher to come with me, she said no again. So, when I finished the paper somehow, I cried so much! I was only 5-6 years old and still remember it as the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me!”

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More than that little detail of Rakul’s childhood is that she was a tomboy! All her friends were boys who used to in turn treat her like a boy. Who would believe she is now all dolled and decked up to shoot more films?

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