Rakul Preet reveals a shocking fact about Chay-Sam

Top actress Rakul Preet Singh is enjoying the star status now. She has been sharing her earlier struggles in starting of her career.

Rakul about Chay and Sam
Rakul about Chay and Sam

In one of the promotional interviews given by her to a media channel for the movie Winner, she revealed one fact which she got hurt. If we can remember the Deva Katta, Chaitanya flicks Auto Nagar Surya; we saw that the film was delayed many months due to production. Rakul has revealed that she was roped as the female lead opposite Chay, but unfortunately she was replaced by Samantha. Rakul still regrets missing that chance with Chay. However now she is acting alongside Chay in his upcoming flick.

We know that Chay and Sam are lovers and if we connect the dots, it’s quite evident that Chay is the reason for replacing Rakul by Sam. Whatever might be the reason, Rahul is acting with Chai after all these years.

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