Rakta Charitra 2 Movie Review

Rating: 2.75/5

Critic Rating: (2.75/5)

It is…
A bloody good sequel to a blood tale.


The film kicks off with a bomb blast planned to kill Pratap (Paritala Ravi). The revenge drama turns around for Pratap to be at the receiving end this time and Surya (played by Suriya) is the one seeking vengeance for the brutal killing of his family. The writing design is much similar to what we’ve seen a month back wherein a young individual is drawn into something he eschews to stay away from only to be emotionally pulled into it.


Surya (Maddelacheruvu Suri) is planning his own happy future and is about to get married when the murder of his entire family internally disturbs him into the blood seeking state. The failed attempt, the surrender and the later acquaintances (personal and political) are what keep the film moving at a gripping pace.


What’s good?
Drama leading up to an powerful action episode – the slow motion action sequence – Surya’s eyes – more character driven drama – another slow mo action sequence – Surya’s eyes – and the same repeats (all with timely background scores supporting them). In short the screenplay.


The way the already dead characters from the first part were brought back for small and important scenes was a refined stroke of the pen.The instinctive cinematography seemed free of any stereotypical control.

And also the film’s got a much better ‘finish’ (not the end, the finish to the complete output) in comparison to the prequel.

And I’m not going to have another head indicating ‘What’s not good’, instead I’ll just say that “a little more crisp would have made this as worthy as the films RGV’s known for” (the dialogue particularly, a bit too dramatic on some ocassions).


Surya with his cold and consuming eyeballs is most definitely the star of the show and Oberoi seemed more set into his clothes and his surroundings this time around, he was almost as good as Surya.


Amongst others Sudeep (playing the DCP) stands out with a less talking performance.


There’s a scene where Priyamani (Surya’s wife – Bhavani) agrees to contest the election and the ‘Gundello’ track reprises. By the time of the “Pongina lava pravaham” (“the lava that flows in the heart”) lyric we see Surya passionately kissing Bhavani’s hand. Such are the little ironies and aesthetics that make this film an excitingly gripping experience.


P.S. Watching this at a single screen with the entire Indian theater ambience is advisable.

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