Rakta Charitra 2 Film Story

Surya enters the scene. The movie started off with car blast

* The blast is followed by a chasing guns sequence. Suriya runs n escapes in a van.

* Surya bhanu reddy is the full name

* The DCP Sudeep looks like have big role in this part

* Puru reddy, bukka reddy’s brother gone! Ravi starts killing all supporters of surya.

* Bhavani aka Priyamani was taken into custody by DCP sudeep

* Surya has no option but to surrender and he did

* Ravi pressures NTR and he rejects to cooperate in targeting Surya

* Surya attacked in court survives. Gripping as of now

* Muthu Krishna meets surya in jail

* Surya starts narrating his story to Muthu aka Mmoddu Seenu

* Nagamani reddy aka kota cheated on surya’s family regarding properties after the murder of surya’s father

* The ” tv ” enters the house on sankranthi day. Whole family dies except surya and Priyaman.

* Surya gets in his role in tv blast. Superb stuff

* First half ends with flashback. Its target Ravi from now.

* First half lives up to the expectations. Ravi’s screen space was minimal. Surya all the way

* Second half starts. Ravi has no idea before the TV blast that it going to happen. His right and left did it.

* Failed bid to kill surya inside jail. A stylish fight unfolds surya the rock man!

* NTR calls on RAVI n ask him to cool down. Ravi meets Surya in jail n offers”sandhi” as per NTR’s diktat

* Pedda saaru! PA Subhaleka sudhakar aka swamy meets surya in jail and p|ans unfolding at a rapid pace.

* Muthu himself takes lead and offers help to surya. He’s out of jail, the muthu seenu. Priyamani stands in elections, action fast unfolding.

* Ravi okays plan Z kill surya’s wife. Ravi definitely portrayed in a negative manner.

* Ravi at the last minute changes his mind n stops the plan but its late and time for muthu! Ravi’s main aid the big bearded omkar ooph!

* A big plan to attack inside the party meeting.

* The bodyguard plan is perfect. Execution is stunning. BGM is superb. Ravi its time!

* Surya himself kills Ravi. Controversial ?

* Surya back to jail after finishing the job. Ravi looked royal even in death.

* Second half completes on a dull note. Overall just ok f ick. But must watch for RGV fans

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