Rakhi Sawant’s amazing challenge to Sunny Leone!


Bollywood’s hottest item bomb Rakhi Sawant gave an amazing challenge to Sunny Leone. She challenge Sunny Leone for an item song and she mentioned that she can easily beat her in the hottest challenge. Rakhi, who was once a controversial hot star in Bollywood remained silent for few years.

After Poonam Pandey and Sunny Leone came into picture, Rakhi Sawant came out of the headlines of the media. She tried to hit the headlines with a political party but this one too failed completely. She didn’t even get minimum votes during the elections. Finally, she decided to come back to movies.

Now, this babe triggered her second innings in style. She stated that Sunny Leone came into limelight as she went back into the shadow. As, she decided to come back to the industry, she mentioned that Sunny Leone’s image will get faded. She offered Sunny Leone an item song challenge and she stated that she will defeat her utterly in this aspect.

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