Rakhi Sawant to contest Lok Sabha from Mumbai

Rakhi Sawant

Item girl and absolute drama queen Rakhi Sawant will now make a scene in politics. The Mumbai North-West constituency will now see Rakhi representing for this year’s Lok Sabha elections. The no qualms eccentric Sawant will contest as an independent candidate.

Known for her extremely interesting quotes and opinions, Rakhi made some interesting statements about her entry into politics and her views on the opponents. Read on if you are up for it.

“I have been virtually mobbed by people demanding that i should fight the election. So here i am” she said.

Rakhi expressed her profound fondness for BJP’s leadership ethics and the prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi who has now become the Country’s sensation.

“I was offered a BJP ticket from Srirampur in West Bengal. But i am from Mumbai and know Hindi and Marathi. I dont know the local language of West Bengal, so why should i stand from there” she asserted.

The actress added a dramatic touch and made that statement all have been waiting for – “Please give me one chance and see what i can do”

Sawant also blatantly stated that she was leaving the film industry for the cause of the people and will take up the ‘cudgels’ for women and their dignity and respect!

Interestingly, Rabkhi will see an interesting line of contenders from her constituency. The list has Gurudas Kamat from Congress, Gajanan Kirtikar from Shiv Sena, actor director Mahesh Manjrekar from Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, actor Kamaal R Khan from Samajwadi Party and Mayank Gandhi of Aam Aadmi Party.

While we wonder if Rakhi sizzles the elections this year with her glamour, this sure sounds more interesting than her last escapade called Rakhi Ka Swayamvar!

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