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This much awaited and thought to be sensational product of NTR-Krishnavamsi combination finds it tough to reach the expectations of the audience. But for NTR’s raging performance and dealing with the ever burning social issue of violence against women, it has very little to offer to the entertainment lovers.
Rama Krishna aka Rakhi (NTR) is the son of a ticket collector (Chandra Mohan) and a strong aspirant of Station Master’s job in the Railways. He has sea of love for his sister.  Time comes for singing the marriage of the sister and the alliance is settled at Rs. 10 lakh dowry. For performing the marriage, Rakhi sacrifices his love for his childhood friend and love (Ileana). He also foregoes his job as Station Master for providing another 5 lakh to the dowry-starved in-laws of his sister. At last, all his efforts go futile. He realizes that there is lot of violence going on against the innocent girls in all directions and at all places. The homely guy turns Highly Inflammable and becomes an Inferno. He finishes the villains of women with vengeance and doubled vigor. The girls begin to see the real savior in Rakhi, who torches the villains with the use of petrol sachet and a match stick. What the law holds for this bravado! This forms the crux of the story.
NTR has almost wrecked vengeance in his histrionics. He dominates the screen from start to finish with his superb action. He almost neared his grandfather late NTR when it comes to the fire of dialogue delivery. No doubt, this characterization will bring a new lease of life to NTR in the coming days.  
Ileana has a good role here. Her performance is good in all departments – talkie, songs and emotions. Her counterpart Charmi has little footage as a girl who loves her bava (Rakhi). Mould in the backdrop of village lass, Charmi  did appealing performance.  
Sayaji Shinde’s villainy sucks and looses grip. However, there is no direct link between the hero and the villain and their rivalry is not built up naturally. Hence, it lacks clarity and interest.  
The girl, who did the role of Rakhi’s sister, has done it with ease. 
Sunil has come out with a good role, but with little footage. Brahmanandam extended his bit of service to the comedy vein.
Other important roles are played by Chandra Mohan (hero’s dad), Kota (hero’s grandfather), Tannikella Bharani (greedy lawyer), Suhasini (dashing police officer), Ravi Varma (hero’s brother-in-law), Uttej (News Reporter), Raghu Babu (villain’s son).
Technical Values 
Story by Krishnavami is clearly putting the age-old and routine subject of atrocities against women in a new angle. Though the happenings are real in real life too, the treatment and the judgment rendered is farfetched.  
Screenplay is not in the likening of Krishnavamsi style. Though the first half runs smoothly without any interesting or curious happening, the second half receives a jolt and the rest is thorough action, losing the thread of unity.  
Direction is mediocre and misses the novelty. As one watches the film, it is like "Swami" (starred by NTR’s dad Nandamuri Harikrishna). The climax resembles of Bobbili Puli (of late NTR) considering the dialogue department. The mammoth gathering of ladies at the climax and sloganeering in support of the hero is a direct lift from Tagore (Chiru starrer). So, where is the place for originality?  
Music by Devi Sri Prasad and songs are a plus point to the movie. Background score disappoints.  
Stunts are not handled properly. It disappoints the NTR fans and the general audience too. A single strategy is used all through the film to deal with the villains. The hero uses petrol sachet and match box to punish the enemy of girls. There is no curiosity at all in this department.  Comedy is almost missing. Cinematography is good. The plus points are some of the scenes conceived in emotion like burial ground scene, NTR running with the car when his sister is leaving the house after marriage, NTR taking food at Suhasini’s house. The scene in which NTR holds the burnt hand of his sister is thoroughly moving. 
The movie generated mixed response. Though there is a feel that it would catch up with the women audience in a big way, this sounds unlikely. Will the TV serial allow them to reach the theatres?
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