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Nothing is established in the movie when it comes to entertainment. This Tamil remake has succeeded in bringing the nativity factor, but at the same time presentation of emotions is disappointing. In short, you have a raw deal. Though music is excellent in parts, it has more of a Tamil odor. You have no villainy in this movie. But, the director has done his best to project the element of heroism.


Raju aka Raju Bhai (Manoj) is a gold medalist (we don’t know – in school, college or something); and the same is sold out by his drunkard dad (just a mention to him after his death). This talented Vizagite Raju takes to wild life – boozing and moving with his friends, but never to touch ladies.  The porch of a street temple is his abode, since he gets shunted from the home. He gets closer to a local thug Babaji (Dhandayudhapani), after saving his son in a rival attack. In short Raju becomes Raju Bhai, a confident of Babaji. This young guy falls in love with a lively girl Anjali (Sheela), who is all mercy for street kids. She takes active part in helping the school kids cross the roads. They fall in love. Their engagement is done. But, Anjali sees his would-be getting beaten by the police in a red light area. Their betrothal is broken. Anjali’s dad hangs himself to death. Raju once again joins the gang of Babaji. True to the Telugu flavor, the heroine realizes that Raju is not only Mr. Clean, but also loves her more than his life. They unite. How? Watch this for yourself.


Hero Manoj looks energetic and bubbling with action from start to finish. He has improved a lot in all the departments when compared to his previous flicks. Heroine Sheela is beautiful and has performed with good ease. However, you can see "too much make-up "on her.

Dhandayudhapani played the role of a rowdy (but not villain). Tannikella Bharani played dad to heroine. Giribabu appears as their wellwisher and friend to Tannikella Bharani. Sunil appears as a commentator without having any direct link to the story. Ali, Brahmanandam and MS Narayana appear in a separate comedy track. The lady who played mother to the hero is impressive in her histrionics (say her feel for son and her happiness when he gets to decent living). All other characters performed well in their limits.

Technical Details

The story is a free adaptation of Tamil hit movie "Chittirem Pesuthadi". While in Tamil, it is treated as a script-based movie, here in Telugu, it is given a mass touch with elements of heroism and love dominating all through.

The first half goes without any happening – just a pale drama with weak comedy. Giving a big twist as interval bang, the second half is given a fast treatment. The climax is reserved for diffusing the curiosity.

Direction by Surya Kiron lacks seriousness. This is glaring when the discharge of emotions give a feel of serial-like touch. The exposition of love between the hero and heroine is so fast and looks just dramatic.

Dialogues of Ratnam are good. Though the movie is set in the backdrop of Vizag, you don’t find the local atmosphere.

Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is superb. But Tamil flavor dominates this Telugu remake. The songs are a major strength to the movie. "Chalta Chalta" & "Evvaru Neevu" songs are nice to watch. Sunil’s slow motion dance for the song "Kora Meenu Sora Chapa" with fast steps by an item girl can work as a crowd puller.

Stunts are an asset to the movie.However, the sequences are composed without variety. The hero is seen applying one and the same technique for beating the fighters.  


The movie is released to an average talk.

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