Raju Maharaju

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What it’s all about

Raju Maharaju is all about a wayward young boy Sharawnanand who is spoilt because he is filthy rich and his brother is too busy with business work to devote enough time to his brother. The hero falls in love with a girl but she rejects his love and she also subjects him to torture. Why is the heroine so cruel and how the hero reacts to it is the story of the film.

The plot:

Sharawanand is a very rich boy. He does not have a care in the world as the business is taken care of his elder brother Mohan Babu. Sharawanand is irresponsible and also does not know the value of money, love and affection. His sister-in-law Ramya Krishna treats him like her own son and this only makes him to take advantage and continue to behave irresponsibly.

The hero falls flat for a girl Survin Chawla. She is an angel and is very soft by nature. Survin refuses the love proposal of Sharawanand because he is irresponsible. An angry hero then harasses her in many ways. The heroine however gets a chance to take revenge when her father is killed in an accident caused by the hero. She asks Mohan Babu to hand over all his property and money to her in order to take back the case against the hero for rash driving leading to death.

Mohan Babu and Ramya Krishna agree to her demand and give away everything and come on to the street. Sharawanand is at first it angry but he slowly realizes the true love and affection that his bother and his sister-in-law have towards him. He is even more shocked to learn that he is not the real bother but has been adopted.

The rest of the story is how the hero faces the tough challenges and hurdles set by the heroine in order to take revenge. Is she really ken or revenge or does she have any other motive? This is the suspense element and it unfolds on the screen.

The actors:

Sharawanand is not in his elements. His role is very poorly written and he comes across more as a loser than a hero. He comes up with a not so impressive performance. Mohan Babu is his usual best while Ramya Krishna is ravishing. She gives adequate company to Mohan Babu. Survin Chawla is sexy and fits the bill as a revenge seeking lady perfectly. The other heroine Tashu Kaushik is restricted to a couple of dance sequences including one in wet clothes.

Brahmanandam plays another routine role that does not evoke much laughter. Sunil, LB Sriram, Sudha, Nazar and other are okay. Jayaparakash Reddy fails to impress.

The music is a let down and editing is clumsy. The story and screenplay are also quite ordinary.

The best scene:

The one moving scene in the film is when the dead body of Nazar is being taken away for cremation. The heroine holds an umbrella over his face as it is pouring heavily. In an earlier scene, it is the father who holds an umbrella so that his daughter does not get drenched in rain while he himself is fully drenched.

The bottom line:

Raju Maharaju is a film that has an overdose of sentiment. The weak story and screenplay coupled with poor directional skills make it a below average film. The film has few takers and even the names of Mohan Babu and Ramya Krishna are unlikely to make the film a success at the box office. Raju Maharaju is a below average film.

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