“Raju Gari Gadi” to Open On October 22nd

The Mahal in that village is very old and scary. Whoever entered into it came out dead. Knowing this, a group of seven people start living in it. What happens to them? Will they come out alive or dead?

Raju Gari Gadi
Raju Gari Gadi

This is the story line of “Raju Gari Gadi.” Directed and Produced by popular T.V. reality show anchor Omkar. After his debut film “Genius,” he has come out with this horror-comedy to make audience fear as well as laugh.

“Raju Gari Gadi” stars Ashwin, Shakalaka Shankar, Dhanraj, Dhanya, Shamna Kasima and Vidyullekha Raman in the key roles.

“As a director, my first film Genius was planned to be made on a budget of six crores but turned out to become ten crores. As a director, I was satisfied with the film’s output but wasn’t from the collection point of view. So this time I made this film with fewer budgets and in a small span of time” said Omkar.

This film will get released on the 22nd of October on the eve of Dassera.

With this film, Omkar’s brother Ashwin Babu is being introduced as a hero. Speaking about his brother, Omkar said, “In my reality show ‘Aata’ Ashwin was a contestant. If he wins, everyone thinks that since it’s my show, I made him win the contest, so Ashwin took the decision of dropping from the show. After that, I planned a movie with him as the hero, but the producers requested to put another one, and I did what they said. By so, he once sacrificed his hero role. I made this film with the intention of making Ashwin a hero. Happy that producers like Sai Korra Pati and Anil Sunkara bought the film” added Omkar.

This film is produced and directed by Omkar, Editing: Nagaraju, Art: Suresh and Music: Sai Kartheek

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