Rajnikanth’s Daughter Aims High

Well that’s what she says anyway! Yes, it was recently in a televised chat show that the fans got Soundarya Ashwin, the daughter of the Superstar and the woman behind the epic animated saga Kochadaiiyaan, to finally let loose and show her candid side to the fans.

Though the interview did start another controversy regarding Soundarya’s remark about actor Simbu and his singing… ahem, it did have another interesting highlight which caught everyone’s attention. When asked the question – “If you had to act with someone on screen, who would that be?”, Soundarya replied without much hesitation that it would have to be Thala Ajith.

Soundarya 2

She said she would like to act opposite him. Though we’re sure she must have gotten many offers along the way – growing up in the industry the way she did – the gorgeous film maker and mother has always maintained that she preferred to stay behind the camera.

She said that she admired and respected Ajith’s talent onscreen and him as a person too. Given her obvious liking for the actor, would she consider directing him ever? We don’t know about that just yet, but that would be one for the books indeed if Rajnikanth’s daughter were to direct a Thala Ajith film, yeah?

Soundarya has to be congratulated though on the success of Kochadaiiyaan here in India and internationally, as she was, without a doubt, the driving force behind its making and the one person who has been tirelessly campaigning for it since its release.

Though there have been criticisms aimed at Kochaidaiiyaan because of its technical flaws and how it doesn’t exactly match up to the Hollywood productions, she has been praised by many for the sheer innovation in bringing such a creation to the Indian audiences.

Veteran directors have also hailed her ambition and determination in getting it done on time and that too in two years, given the magnitude of the project, the people involved and the technology which was new to many.

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